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by 共力研究社 (TPEC)

Who We Are

TPEC is a nonpartisan, independent think tank for working people.

We are committed to rigorous research on economic, labor, environmental, and social welfare issues confronting Taiwan and the world.

Your donation will help TPEC provide research to drive progressive social change.

What We Do

Strengthen Workers

To strengthen workers’ bargaining capacity, TPEC helps analyze labor conditions and financial situations of their workplaces.

Gain Public Debates

To promote policy debates and social change, TPEC conducts public policy research on economic, labor, environmental, and social welfare issues.

Popularize Economic and Political Issues

To make progressive economic analyses accessible to the people, TPEC provides training and education services to grassroots organizations, and publishes and distributes our research products through journals, books, seminars, TPEC website, and mass media.

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